Is the internet world more of a Pro or a Con?

Athena (@westernizedgirl)
3 min readSep 30, 2021


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Topic: We live in a world of technology these days. While the internet brings with its clear advantages, the problems in terms of control and security of information and other problems sometimes outweigh the advantages. To what extent do you agree?

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Answer: I was lucky enough to have lived through the invention of smartphones. I belong to the early Gen-Z community who is able to see through modern technology development with its pros and cons. I was able to have a proper childhood where in-person interactions are the norm, and see everything get twisted and turned.

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First of all, being able to receive new updates within the palm of your hand is the obvious pro. Thanks to our invention, we are able to receive information anywhere, anytime. However, that also brings about this fast-paced lifestyle that if we don’t catch up with every piece of information, we are bound to miss out on the latest updates.

The cons from technology would be the misleading information that’s spread around and all of the inappropriate sites and pop-up ads. It has become so easy for minors to accidentally be exposed to such content. Not to mention many incidents where people’s privacy gets invaded online.

We all know that once it’s online, it’ll never disappear.

Some people trust the internet a little too much.

Unless we take actions into creating a technology world especially for children, I do agree with the fact the disadvantages outweigh the advantages. I personally think companies would rather risk exposing our younger generations with explicit content for the benefit of receiving advertisements than take time to adjust their actions for different age groups.

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The internet brings with its clear advantages, but the problems in terms of control and security of information outweighs the advantages.

I hope someday we will be able to find the balance in our modern tech world.



Athena (@westernizedgirl)

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